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The original padded backpack

Posted by Davide xx on
The original padded backpack

We’ve seen over the years plenty of copies and imitations, still, the unique and original padded backpack remains Mueslii!

Do you know why it’s so special?

To find out, we need to travel back in time to 2007…

A padded star was born

It was a freezing winter evening. Our car had left us in the lurch right in the middle of nowhere, which is a loooong distance from Milan.

No need to say all our mobiles had no battery left and we were too tired to try reaching the nearest town, which was more than an hour on foot. There was only one thing left to do: move our car to the side of the road, postponing any initiative to the day after.

I crouched on the back seat, trying in vain to get some sleep. I used the backpack I had at the time as a pillow, but it was hard, humid and cold… definitely not comfortable!

A quick thought crossed my mind… if only it had been soft as the down jacket I had on!

I stayed awake for long, daydreaming about this idea.

A backpack soft and warm like a skiing jacket, that you could hug like a teddy bear. How come no one had thought about it before?

That’s the idea that sparked the creation of our Mueslii padded backpack, the original one, with a 100% Italian design. It took us long to develop the initial idea, but here we are!

What’s your favourite colour?

Right from the start one of the main features of Mueslii collections was the striking range of colours and graphics available for each model.

First came the “classici”: pitch black, crimson red, golden poppy, midnight blue, electrice lime, persian rose, etc…

Then came the limited edition graphics…

… the metal collection: emerald, gold, silver e purple…


… and the pastel line: light green, light pink, light blue

Still cannot find your favourite colour?

Just let us know: it could be one of the next ones we’ll develop!

A model for each one of us

We are 100% convinced that it’s not people who should adjust to their backpacks, but the other way round.

That’s the reason we developed Mueslii family, introducing new models after the iconic RC1.

In order:

RC1 bigger brother. Equipped with a laptop compartment and NFC technology, it’s a smart backpack perfect for work and/ or travelling.
The little one in Mueslii family. Though small in size, the epic Mini is by no means inferior to the bigger models. The same quality and attention to detail in a backpack designed for kids and girls, available in a huge colour range and with plenty of unique graphics, that we design ourselves.
Mini 2
The relatively small size – halfway between the slender Mini and the classic Rc1 – makes it a great daily backpack, a perfect match for any outfit.
A roomy duffle bag, soft and versatile. The perfect bag for gym lovers, for a weekend at the seaside or for flying, since it fits most airlines cabin luggage requirements.
Straight from the ’70, Sacca is the ideal backpack for any outdoor adventure. Available in 3 sizes: Elle, Emme ed Esse.
Mueslii’s interpretation of a briefcase, Le Cartelle is a multi-tasking bag, that can be turned into a shoulder bag or even a rucksack, thanks to the shoulder straps hidden in the rear pocket. It features a dedicated padded compartment for a laptop (maximum 15,6”).
A roomy and light backpack, designed for frequent travellers. This line is equipped with a laptop compartment and is ideal for short trips.

Built to resist and stay with you, always and anywhere

The best backpack is the one you can always carry with you.

Mueslii backpacks are made using robust and long-lasting materials only, and you’ll forget rips, tears and stitches coming loose.

Fabrics, stitches, zips, straps and buckles: all materials and critical spots are double-checked and thoroughly tested, to make sure our bags will enjoy a long life and won’t flinch in front of heavy loads.


Mueslii padded backpacks do not even fear the rain: on most models, raindrops slide along its nylon surface.

Materials make the difference

A backpack is not a mere matter of putting together shape and colour.

One of the most important aspects, both from an aesthetic and a functional point of view, is the material a backpack is made with.

Even in this case we’ve tried to make everyone happy since you will find backpacks made with all these materials:

  • nylon
  • polyester
  • cordura®
  • denim
  • crinkle
  • reflective materials
  • cotton

What do they all have in common?


Colourful, elegant and playful

Mueslii padded backpacks are not simple accessories.

Amusing, soft and anti-stress, they will stay with you in any adventure.

Ready to help you keeping you spirits up when you need it the most.

Feel the quality!


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