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  • Sustainability is not just a word
  • What can you expect from us?
  • A few words about the process
  • The hands behind the scene
  • The environment
  • Products life span
  • In the end 

Sustainability is not just a word

Besides being profitable each company needs to focus on being sustainable, as we live in world where the footprint of human activities is huge and that is something we can no longer overlook.

At Mueslii, sustainability comes into play at the very inception of the process leading to one of our products reaching a shelf, as we focus on building high-quality, long-lasting, durable products. Take a quick tour of what we do to attain that goal.

What can you expect from us?

As designers, we clearly focus on materials that are both safe and long lasting, striving to reduce the amount of virgin materials used for each new collection

All our products come with a 3 years warranty, as we are confident of the quality and durability of the materials and components we use.

Our design team is always looking for more environmental friendly alternatives and our goal is to use only recycled fabrics within the next 3 years, abiding to Global Recycled Standard (GRS). 

A few words about the process

In order to reduce our impact we need to minimize the use of chemicals, energy consumption and optimize the ways the products reach our customers.
To address the first issue we strive to work with companies that comply with OEKO standards, besides testing all materials for any harmful substance (Azocolourants, REACH Regulation (EC) NO. 1907/2006 & Amendment No. 552/2009 and 126/2013 and (EU) 2020/2096).

To ensure water repellency for some lines we use BIONIC-FINISH®ECO, a patented ecological water-repellent impregnation.

As for energy consumption, we source all components that we use for our products from suppliers based near our manufacturing premises, besides choosing the least CO2 emitting option (that is railway or sea transportation) to import our products. All the manufacturers we work with are based in the south of China, and given the scope of our business we know it's important to do things the right way.


The hands behind the scene

 Though obvious, a lot of people tend to forget that behind each bag (or any product) there is a lot of stiching and fiddling with fabrics and components.

We have learned over the years the importance of working with trustworthy, reliable manufacturers, companies we've built in most cases long lasting relationships based on mutual trust and respect, companies we know well and are absolutely sure of.
All our manufacturing partners adhere to fair labour standards and adopt best practices, which is why we can guarantee our products are exploitation free.

We view all companies and workers involved in bringing our products to the market as stakeholders, paramount in determining the outcome of our brand.


The environment

Though some might say otherwise, taking into account the wellbeing of our environment is not as easy if you are dealing with physical things as we do.

Having said that, we are progessively undertaking all steps required to reduce as much as possible the impact of our business,with a special focus on these areas:

  • selecting recycled or at least Eco friendly materials

  • selecting suppliers complying with GRS (Global Recycled Standards)

  • reducing the amount of chemicals used in all manufacturing processes

  • eliminating as much as possible single-use plastic from our packaging

  • optimizing our supply chain with the goal of reducing our CO2 imprint

  • selecting partners relying mainly on energy coming from renewable sources 

Products life span

All our products are designed to last, since durability is a key element of sustainability.
All our backpacks and bags are built with high density nylon, rip stop or crinkle nylon, Cordura® fabrics and are equipped with Japanese YKK zippers, pullers and hardware, none of which will leave you in the lurch.


All fabrics are thoroughly tested prior to use (Martindale Test), to make sure they offer superior resistance to abrasion and tear.
In assembling our bags all critical spots are carefully checked and reinforced with extra stitches, if needed, all in order to provide you with a product with a long life span.
Besides that, if something unexpected happens we encourage our customers to repair our products instead of sending them back, bearing ourselves the repair cost if the warranty still applies.

In the end

Our ultimate goal is to reduce as much as possible our green gas emissions, compensating the inevitable ones with carbon offsetting programs.

We also aim to reduce our use of raw virgin materials, reducing the impact of all activities related to the production of a bag, gradually switching to recycled based materials.

We will adopt all means provided by new techonologies to achieve these goals, evolving our product range and supply chain model accorging to the latest knowledge and findings available.

We will also do our best to promote different consumer behaviours, which focus on long lasting quality products instead of short use products, which exact the highest toll on the delicate equilibrium of our planet.