• Mueslii backpack TOLLA Coal black
  • Mueslii backpack TOLLA Coal black



Coal black

Crinkle nylon

40 x 30 x 20 cm

Travel backpack made of crinkle nylon, with a “washed out” finishing. Equipped with a PC cushioned compartment and a travel compartment.

Tolla is Mueslii’s interpretation of a light travel backpack. Made of the same rugged nylon inherited from the other models of the family, Tolla is a very complete backpack, designed for one/two days trips. It features 2 compartments: the rear one has been cushioned to host a laptop, while the front one has been designed to fit clothes and/or documents. It comes with an elastic band and a clip that helps keep the content inside still. The front compartment has a 360 ° degree opening system to make it easier to insert/pull out anything at will. Both compartments feature an extra security fastening system, that makes pickpocketing extremely difficult, if not impossible.

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