At Mueslii, we take quality seriously.

Each product we create is the result of a long development process.
Typically this process takes at least one year before a new product
reaches the shelf, if it ever does, since the majority are discarded
during the development process.

Our design centre is literally flooded with samples of bags that
are either in the process of invention or that we are simply not
enthusiastic about, in the long and winding road that leads to the
production of the final model. Design and aesthetic development
take a heavy toll, as our designers test new directions and
constantly reinvent, driving most of the time the rest of our team
(not to mention our suppliers) crazy!

Mueslii is not just about design though.
We use only the highest quality materials and components to make
sure our bags won’t disappoint you.

  • CORDURA® Classic fabric, a material which has a reputation for long lasting performance and superior resistance to abrasion. It has been produced by Dupont for nearly 50 years now
  • 3MTM ScotchliteTM Reflective Material, a high performance patented reflective material by 3M
  • Natural cotton, used to make the high quality denim of some of our models
  • Crinkle nylon, a high quality fabric with a washed out look that is known for its sturdiness

Last but not least Mueslii bags are also smart!
All the highest range models are equipped with a NFC chip that can
be programmed with a phone, making each bag truly unique. NFC
technology enables Mueslii bags to interact with smart phones,
triggering the launch of an application, instructing the phone to
perform a task or storing the owner’s data or other information.

If you have any question just drop us an email at